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How many miles do you REALLY have left when the low-gas light comes on?

There you are, driving home from a long day at work and *DING*, your car is telling you to get some gas before you run out...


You're exhausted -- you just want to get home.

Do you have enough fuel to get you home? Most likely. YourMechanic.com crunched the numbers to figure out how much gas you have left before you're walking on the side of the freeway.

They broke it down by vehicle. Here are the highlights.

When the low-fuel light comes on, you have how many miles remaining?

  • Ford F-150 -- 35 to 80 miles
  • Toyota Camry -- 65 - 91 miles
  • Honda Accord -- 70 to 93 miles
  • Ford Explorer -- 30 miles
  • Jeep Wrangler -- 47-58 miles
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee -- 66 to 90 miles
  • Honda Pilot -- 45-62 miles

Don't see your car, head here for the complete list.

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