Pearl Jam Releases Space Invaders-Themed Game For New Song 'Quick Escape'

On Wednesday (March 25), Pearl Jam had two treats in store for fans.

Ahead of the band's album release this Friday, the Seattle legends dropped a brand new song, “Quick Escape.”

Along with the new track, the band also released a retro Space Invaders-themed game where fans can listen to Pearl Jam's music while playing as one of the band members — there's even a leaderboard for the competitive type.

“Join Pearl Jam and make a 'Quick Escape' to Mars to hear the new track. Choose your pilot and let the journey begin,” the band wrote on Instagram.

As for “Quick Escape,” it features heavy drums while lead singer Eddie Vedder sings about the chaos of the world and environment while taking hits at the president.

Vedder sings in the second verse: “The lengths we had to go to then/ To find a place Trump hadn’t f***ed up yet.” 

The bridge of the song finds the narrator escaping to Mars while looking back at the fragility of Earth. 

“And we think about the old days/ Of green grass, sky and red wine/ Should've known so fragile/ And avoided this one-way flight,” Vedder sings before ending the song on the chorus. 

While the band had to postpone tour and cancel its one-night-only audio-visual event in movie theaters around the country, Pearl Jam recently released a hotline (585-20-PEARL) fans can call to hear previews of songsGigaton

Fans will be greeted with the following message:

“Hello, you’ve reached the Pearl Jam Gigaton hotline. Press 1 to leave a message. Press 2 to opt in to receive updates from the band and preview the new album before it’s out on March 27th.”

Gigaton will arrive March 27. 

Photo: Getty Images

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