Air India Plane Breaks Into Two Pieces As It Skids Off Runway After Landing

India: Passenger plane skids off runway in Kerala

An Air India Express plane crashed while landing at Kozhikode Calicut International Airport in Kerala, India. The Boeing 737 overshot the runway and broke in two pieces as it skidded to a stop in a valley 35 feet below.

"Flight number AXB-1344 on its way from Dubai to Kozhikode with 191 persons on board, overshot the runway in rainy conditions & went down 35 ft. into a slope before breaking up into two pieces," Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said.

Commissioner of Police Sujith Das said that at least 11 people, including the pilot, died, and 96 people have been transported to the hospital with various injuries.

The airline said there were 184 passengers and seven crew members on the flight, which was being operated by the Indian government to repatriate people who have been stranded abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There was heavy rain and low visibility at the time of the crash, though the exact cause of the crash has not been determined.

Photo: Getty Images

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