MGM's New Work-From-Vegas Travel Package Includes An Executive Assistant

If you are tired of working from home and staring out the same window every day, MGM Resorts in Las Vegas is offering a new travel package that will let you get away while still working. The new “Viva Las Office” package, which is being offered to guests at the Bellagio and ARIA, includes everything you need to keep working.

Your room will come fully equipped with everything required to work remotely. The rooms will feature iconic Las Vegas views, which will make great backgrounds for your Zoom meetings. The package even includes your own dedicated executive assistant who will take care of planning all the fun parts of your vacation.

There are three tiers to choose from, with the cheapest one starting at $101.80 per night. The more expensive packages come with a free cabana rental and poolside massages so you can relax while you work.

“We understand that working from home every day can become taxing and monotonous, and we are excited to offer a safe and curated experience here at Bellagio and ARIA that combines work and play,” said Atif Rafiq, President of Commercial and Growth for MGM Resorts. “These packages are designed to offer the best of both worlds. A safe, spacious work setting while still allowing guests to enjoy the amenities and experiences Las Vegas is known for through a single offering.”

Photo: Getty Images

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