Give The Basics With Sterling Optical, Project Bee and iHeartMedia Minot

Try to imagine not having shampoo, toothpaste or deodorant or not owning a razor, feminine products, or clean undergarments when you need them most. Unfortunately this is the everyday reality for many low-income and homeless families right here in our community.

Sterling Optical of Minot is asking for your help in making sure every person who needs the basics has access to the everyday products needed, if you can please donate.

New Items Please

Drop Off Location: Sterling Optical - 3220 South Broadway Minot ND

Hours: Mon (9:00 - 4:30) Tues - Friday (9:00 - 5:30) Sat (9:00 -4:00)

toothbrushes - tooth paste - floss - mouth wash

combs/picks/hair brushes

hygiene products - soaps- face and body wash - shampoo and conditioner - nail files & clippers

feminine products

socks (adult & children)

caps - scarves -water proof gloves (adult & children)

hand sanitizer - sanitary wipes

first aid kits

diapers - pull ups - baby formula -wipes

All donations to be given out through Project Bee in Minot.

Brought to you by Sterling Optical of Minot

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