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My kid finally understood baseball after this...

 I needed a way to teach my six year old the rules of baseball before little league starts so I made up a game that turned out to be a lot of fun and something you can easily do at home... 


1 poster board 

2 lunch bags

1 marker or crayon

Pair of scissors to slice up paper

8 "players" which in our case were Thomas Minis. You could also use Hot Wheel cars,  Army Men, action figures,  or anything they love to collect and play with. 

Set up

Draw a baseball field on the poster board. 

Label one lunch bag "hitter" and on separate pieces of paper write single,  double,  triple,  homerun,  and two separate pieces that say out.

Label other bag "pitcher" and again on separate pieces of paper write 3 strikes,  4 balls,  and HIT. 

Put pieces of paper in their proper bags 

Put a letter R on 10 to 12 pieces of paper.  These represent runs. 

How to play

Roll out a pitcher and batter

The pitcher pulls a piece of paper out of the bag labeled "Pitcher." 

3 strikes you're out.  4 balls you walk. 

"HIT" means the batter reaches inside the "HITTER" bag and pulls out a random piece of paper.  Follow what it says to do. 

Every time a player scores,  they get a piece of paper that says R for "RUN"

After 2 games my 6 year old finally got the rules of baseball.  Enjoy.  If there's anything that didn't make sense let me know.  

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