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Huge Momentum to Change When We Celebrate This Holiday

I know it's still summertime, but soon, very soon, the creepy crawlies will be making their way out!

I'm talking...HALLOWEEN!

The Halloween & Costume Association would like to send the President of the United States a petition to CHANGE TRICK OR TREATING to the last Saturday in October EVERY YEAR! 

As a dad of three under 12, I'm all about it! I know Halloween has become an excuse for adults to dress in tight costumes and drink, but at its core, Halloween is a kid's "holiday." 

I hate when Halloween falls on a Wednesday, the kids are screaming to get out and trick or treat, and mom and dad are just getting home from work. 

Wouldn't it be fun to make this "holiday" an all-day event? 

I have the link to the petition here!

At last check over 123,000 people signed the petition, which a goal of 150,000. 

Obviously there's a little passion behind this topic! Boo! 

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