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Shaken To the Core, My Wife and I Are Okay (the deer on the other hand...)

My wife and I were driving home from an event last night in an upbeat, positive mood. We were chatting about the kids and life in general while cruising at about 65 mph down the expressway.

That's when Kelcey screamed "DAVE!"

And just like that, all I saw was a flash of brown bolting in front of our Volvo XC70.

The next 30 seconds started with a loud "BANG," followed instantly by airbags deploying from all directions. The car pushed forward but not without our speed being cut dramatically. .

I barely heard her scream, "Are you okay?"

All I could hear was a loud ringing sound echoing in the head while the engine shut itself down and the hazards flicked on.

We had enough momentum to get to the side of the road, but we instantly started coughing from the airbag dust.

With traffic zooming by at a rapid pace, we stayed in our car until a state patrol car arrived.

Minutes later we squeezed into the front seat of a tow truck and headed off to a quieter place.

That's when I snapped this picture.

Volvo's are tanks, and still, this is what one deer can do.

Please be careful...please please please. Deer are on the run right now and there's little you can do if they jump in your direction.

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