Minot Area Community Calendar

Minot Area Community Calendar

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The North Star Community Credit Union Cone Zone Report

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City Of Minot

Slow down in work Zones - work zones include:

  • Valley Street & 13th Street SE
  • 3rd Street NE between 6th Avenue NE and 9th Avenue NE is now closed.

20th Ave Southwest Frontage Road Reconstruction (project to start the week of June 6th, 2024 - see maps below! The 20th Ave SW Frontage Road is being reconstructed, from 16th St SW all the way to 4th St SW. Over a handful of work phases, the road's asphalt surface will be milled off. After the top surface is removed, cement powder and water is mixed into the ground under the road. This process is called cement stabilization, and will provide a much stronger and more durable base for the road. After cement stabilization is finished, the road will be paved.

Minot, ND –April 15th, 2024 - Phase MI-5 Northeast Tieback Levee – , 5th Avenue NE east of 3rd Street NE will not be closed starting April 16th as previously stated. Traffic control will not be adjusted for this delay, and the current detour route will remain in place. It is still anticipated that 3rd Street NE will be closed to traffic in early May and will be unavailable for through traffic for approximately 40 days once it is closed. An updated notice will be shared when construction dates are known. For more details on the project and the latest information, go to www.mouseriverplan.com or search on Facebook and like the project information page.

Statewide Construction Zones:

ND Highway 200 near Beulah and ND Higheway 1806 near Pick City

Medina Rest Area is closed temporarly due to road construction

Bismarck: Lane Closures on 7th and 9th street/ Grant Marsh Bridge repair brings lane closures and reduced speeds/

Seat belts save lives.

They are the single most effective safety device to prevent death and injury in a motor vehicle crash. Seat belts restrain occupants in the vehicle’s designed protective space, giving them room to live in the event of a crash and prevents them from colliding with other occupants in the vehicle. A seat belt also keeps the driver correctly positioned behind the wheel to help maintain control of a vehicle. The failure to wear a seat belt results in more motor vehicle fatalities in North Dakota than most other factors.

Primary Seat Belt Law

  • All front seat and back seat occupants must be buckled up regardless of age.
  • Children younger than 8 years of age are required to ride in a child restraint (car seat or booster seat).
  • A correctly used seat belt may be substituted for children younger than 8 years of age who are at least 4'9" tall.

Learn more about North Dakota's Primary Seat Belt Law here


Current North Dakota Policy for Young Drivers:

  • Learner's Permit
    • At least 14 years old.
    • The holding period is 6 to 12 months. For example, a driver that starts the process at age 15 years old and 6 months only holds the permit for 6 months. In contrast, a driver that starts the process at 14 years old will hold the permit for 12 months.
    • Driver education is required if under age 16.
    • Minimum of 50 hours of supervised practice.
    • Must be accompanied by a licensed driver at least age 18.
  • Intermediate License
    • The holding period is up to 12 months (until teen reaches 16 years old). For example, a driver who receives their intermediate license at 15 holds it until they reach 16 years old. In contrast, a driver who receives their intermediate license at 15 years and 11 months will only hold it for 1 month.
    • Night driving restricted between 9 p.m. or sunset, whichever is later, and 5 a.m. for 6 months (with exceptions).
    • No policy on number of teen passengers.
    • No cell phone use.
    • No requirement to remain crash or conviction free.
  • Standard License
    • Minimum age of 16.

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