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Howard Dean Declares Fox “Enemy of the United States”

CLAY: We’re talking about Elon Musk trying to be silenced because he has the audacity to actually share content neutral beliefs as it pertains to Twitter. Well, Howard Dean — remember him, “the scream heard ‘round the world” back in…? What was that, back in 2004 in the primaries if I remember correctly? Well, he’s now saying, Fox News should be boycotted because, quote, “they’re the enemy of the United States.”

DEAN: The guy’s nuts. I mean, really you gonna take this seriously in any way? But he’s dangerous ’cause he’s got a lot of people who believe in this nonsense. I actually think he’s crazy. But he’s malevolently crazy and he’s a danger to the United States of America and since we can’t take him off the air, uhh, where he ought to boycott Fox and I’ve had nothing to do with Fox for many, many years. These people mean to harm the United States of America, and it’s far worse than either — even (sputtering) what Carlson was saying there. This is a bad guy, and Fox is a bad company, and they ought to be treated accordingly. They are the enemy of the United States of America.

CLAY: Buck, I work at Fox, right? Fox bought my company. I know everyone who runs Fox well. They are phenomenal people. If you guys out there are listening to us right now, if we bought the Fox execs on — and we brought certainly Tucker and we’ve had Sean Hannity on this show — the idea that you have political officials demanding that stations be taken off the air, that hosts not be allowed to do their shows goes to the point that we started with Elon which is the Democrat Party has embraced a level of censorship that hasn’t existed in most of our lives in America. We’ve never seen this before.

BUCK: We are watching a rout in progress. Not just a political rout but an ideological rout. The Biden administration is an abject failure. It’s obvious, it’s undeniable. Everyone listening to this knows it, and even some people listening who are perhaps former Democrats — and, by the way, welcome! Jump on in. The Clay and Buck water is warm for you.

CLAY: I’ve been there. I had to make that transition.

BUCK: And even those folks listening to us know that we are speaking the truth when we say this administration is failing — and even worse than that in a sense, the ideas behind the failures are bad, they are wrong, they are not helpful to the country. And on is that’s why, Clay, I think is why we’re seeing such obvious desperation to exactly what you said, which is this censorious impulse that they have, the desire to shut it down. It’s like they’re losing the game so badly —

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: — that they want to flip the switch and turn the floodlights off so no one can see what’s going on.

CLAY: They’re the kid who takes the ball and leaves. If you remember when you were a kid, the kid who brings the ball, the kickball, the Wiffle Ball, whatever it might be, when he starts to lose, he walks away. By the way, I’m jealous of my 11-year-old. Can I say this? I was talking to him the other day, Buck, I said, “Man you’re really tan already considering it’s only May 15th,” and he said to me, “Yeah, Dad, that’s ’cause I get to play Wiffle Ball with my friends every day after school,” and I’m not gonna lie. I got so jealous that he gets to play Wiffle Ball every day. (laughing) He’s got a better life than me. Probably you guys too.

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