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Joy Reid One-Ups the Idiocy Factory, Sees “Jihad” on Abortion

BUCK: All due respect to The View for being the greatest factory of political idiocy of any show that I can think of. Stelter’s been a little quiet recently — he used to be great — but Joy Reid’s up there. She might be in the top three, close to it, and here is Joy Reid on… Well, you know what? I’m just gonna let her say it.

BUCK: First of all, I think it’s news to Republicans that they’re on a jihad, Clay. That would be news to the Republican Party.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: All jihadists are religious, too, just as an aside. And what is she talking about? What is he talking about?

CLAY: Well, the thing that I am seeing is, if you look at the data, minorities are actually breaking substantially for the Republican Party. So, the data we talked about… I think it was the Marist poll — no, it was the NPR poll — that came out recently, actually had Hispanic voters preferring Republican candidates. And we certainly know just using the most recent election in 2020, Hispanic voters in Florida and Texas in particular overwhelmingly broke for Donald Trump.

And this happened, Buck, even in New York City, even in L.A. Places where Trump was not particularly competitive, obviously, as a Republican candidate, a lot more Hispanic and minority voters even in New York and L.A. voted for Trump in 2020 than voted for him in 2016. So that Lincoln Project imbecile… How does the Lincoln Project still exist, by the way?

BUCK: Oh, because the left loves to have people who allege to be Republicans who are actually just Democrats —

CLAY: Who’s giving them money?

BUCK: — and trash Republicans all the time. If you want a job on MSNBC, say you’re Republican who only trashes Republicans. They’ll hire you.

CLAY: These people are not serious, and they’re also increasingly madly, and overwhelmingly, stupid.

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