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Karoline Leavitt on Her Quest to Be the First Gen-Z Member of Congress

BUCK: Midterm election just weeks away. We’re looking at the general mostly now, but for at least one place, New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, it is still, for the next 24 hours, primary season. And there is quite a battle underway in the state of New Hampshire for that Republican nomination. We’ve got Karoline Leavitt with us now. She is running in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District. Karoline, great to have you on the program.

LEAVITT: Thank you guys so much for having me. It’s great to be with you.

BUCK: So, why is this such a throwdown? I’m seeing some of the coverage, some of the media coverage. It’s getting nasty up there in New Hampshire. People throwing some elbows on the GOP side. What’s at stake here, and why are you in this race?

LEAVITT: Well, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to address this $6 million dirty smear campaign from the Washington, D.C., establishment that has been waged against me in the last couple of weeks. Look, when I got into this race last summer, nobody knew who I was, I had zero bucks in my campaign account, but I had a will to fight for the people of my great home state of New Hampshire.

I was fresh out of President Trump’s White House at the time. I served in his press office as assistant press secretary to Kayleigh McEnany. So, I saw the swamp firsthand, I saw the corrupt media in action. I used to fight against them with Kayleigh and her infamous press briefings with the briefing book.

I came back home and thought, we need this fight to continue, not only against the Democrats, but the corrupt establishment Republicans too. So, I’ve been pounding the pavement in my home district, New Hampshire’s first — where I grew up, where I went to school or my family owns two small businesses.

And we have now encroached on the plans of the establishment and their handpicked puppet in this race, my opponent, Matt Mowers, who’s the former chief of staff to Dr. Deborah Birx. He’s a long-time political operative for Chris Christie.

The guy already lost in the general election last year, and the establishment is now sending six million to keep his imploding campaign alive to smear me. But I’ll tell you, it’s not working. Actually, it’s backfiring. Voters in New Hampshire are smart, and they understand that when they’re attacking you, it’s ’cause they’re threatened by you.

And that’s exactly right. I know I can’t be controlled. They won’t control me. We’re gonna win tomorrow, we’re gonna win in November, and we’re gonna help take back the House this year.

CLAY: Karoline, you wrote a piece for OutKick. You’re a former college athlete. We were just discussing these new proposed Title IX rules that would allow men to compete against women. It’s absolute insanity. What are you hearing from people all over New Hampshire about this idea, and what do you think about the fact that this radical proposition even exists in the first place?

LEAVITT: Frankly, it disgusts me. And I know it disgusts so many voters, especially women across New Hampshire. I’ve been talking about this issue since the day I launched my campaign last summer because, as you noted, it’s personal to me. As a young woman, as a former collegiate athlete, I worked so hard and made a lot of sacrifices, as so many women and girls do across this country that compete at the highest level possible.

I was an NCAA college softball player. And to think about the fact that a man who is bigger than me, stronger than me, physically superior to me, could take my starting position at third base in my college or even high school softball team in America today is disgusting. And so, I’ve taken a very strong position on this.

When I am elected to Congress — and I’m one of the only Republican candidates, frankly, in this whole country talking about the issue, and I think that is not okay. We all need to be speaking out and conserving the basic fundamental values that men and women are different.

So, when I’m elected, I will propose legislation that will defund any publicly funded, taxpayer funded college or university across this country that allows for these injustices to occur, because they are a direct violation of Title IX, which women and girls championed back in the fifties and sixties and seventies to get signed into law.

And now all of these leftists in the name of progressivism, right? This is actually regression. And where are all the feminists? It’s so disgusting. I’ve been calling it out and will continue to do that. I will be a champion for women and girls, female athletes across this country when I’m elected in November.

BUCK: Speaking to Karoline Leavitt. She’s running in New Hampshire’s First Congressional. Karoline, the primary is tomorrow, right? So, where should folks go to learn more about you, your positions, your campaign?

LEAVITT: Yes. The primary is tomorrow. Polls open in a little bit more than 12 hours from now. They can go to my website, It’s Karoline with a K, you can find me on Twitter, Gettr, TRUTH Social, Instagram, Facebook. I run all my social media accounts myself. And if you’re in New Hampshire and you’re listening to this, don’t let the swamp buy this seat.

Don’t pay attention to the negative attack ads. It’s a desperate smear campaign because they know I cannot be controlled and they want their handpicked puppets to win this race. I encourage and humbly ask for everyone’s vote tomorrow.

Let’s reject the swamp and flood the polls. We are going to win. We’re gonna take back the house. We’re gonna put America first again as we did under my former boss, President Trump.

CLAY: All right, Karoline. Buck and I are relatively young guys on radio. I’m 43. Buck just turned —

BUCK: I mean, I’m relatively young. I don’t know about Clay.

CLAY: He’s a different — Buck’s a Millennial if you’re out there listening and you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh, this Sexton guy, far too young.” I’m the last year of Generation X. Karoline, what year were you born?

LEAVITT: I was born in 1997; so, I will actually be the first Generation Z member of Congress.

CLAY: So, this is amazing ’cause I think this is important. Everybody out there listening right now, Buck and I know you, Karoline. It’s always funny sometimes to read media. And you’re attacked as if you are this crazy right-wing infidel and then you come and you meet and you’re like very friendly, very easygoing, and you recognize how much the media agenda is trying to dictate the way the people perceive.

So, you’re 25 years old, you’re fighting so hard. I think a lot of people out there listening right now would be incredibly gratified to go check out everything that you’re arguing for, because there’s a lot of people out there in their sixties and seventies who would love to have a granddaughter who is out there fighting as hard for all of these truths as you are.

I’m sure you hear that in New Hampshire a lot, right, that there’s this desire for a younger generation to sort of pick up the banner and lead the charge.

LEAVITT: Yeah, that’s exactly right. You know, it’s funny because the establishment’s attacks on me, the $6 million they’re spending are trying to paint me as, you know, too young or too immature for this job. But they might want to get out of the swamp once in a while and come talk to actual voters in real America because voters are thirsty.

I mean, they’re dehydrated for young, vibrant, energetic leadership. And that’s why I got into this race. I’m from this district. I have a lot of friends and family here. My family’s done business here for decades. And before I even announced I was running I talked to them and I said, what do you think about me running?

And every single person said yes, we need someone exciting, someone who makes us want to get involved and someone who is going to reach out to their children and their grandchildren because if we don’t, frankly, we’re gonna lose this country. Cultural Marxism is making its way through every institution in America.

Our public school system, our higher ed. university system, the corrupt one state party media, the Big Tech companies are all pushing it. If we don’t break through that noise, if we don’t stop this indoctrination by electing energetic, youthful, conservative leaders like myself, we’re not gonna just lose elections.

I mean, we’re literally gonna lose America as we know it. And voters love that idea. And so, I think it’s just so funny the establishment’s wasting their money on these vicious attacks because they don’t actually understand that people want fighters. They don’t care how old you are. They want someone who’s gonna go down there and fight. Fight for them, fight for their kids, their grandkids, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing over the last year.

BUCK: I think right now our listeners on Manchester’s WGIR and up in Rochester, Portsmouth area, WQSO, you folks listening could make the difference in this primary and in this congressional race in general coming up. Our friend Karol Leavitt. Karoline, thanks so much for being with us. Appreciate it.

LEAVITT: Thank you guys. Get out tomorrow and vote, my fellow Granite Staters. Thanks for having me. God bless you guys.

CLAY: I’m telling you, if she wins — and I think she’s gonna win tomorrow — she is going to be an absolute rock star on Capitol Hill. I think she’ll win. She’s gonna beat Chris Pappas and take back a current Democrat seat in New Hampshire.

BUCK: She’s phenomenal. Phenomenal young woman. Just super ebullient, you know, full of energy, very much on board with the Trump policy ideology. And I just say it’s amazing. If she wins, she, Madison Gesiotto in Ohio — who’s a longtime friend of mine who just won her primary — and Anna Paulina Luna down in Florida in the Tampa area. Three friends of mine may well be…I’ll be very proud, personal friends may be sitting in Congress.

CLAY: All younger than you too, old man. I don’t know how you’re gonna handle that.

BUCK: It’s a lot of Millennials in that — well, she’s Gen Z. I think Anna Paulina, she’s a Millennial like me. And, you know, I don’t know, Clay, we’ll have to see. Are you Gen — what are you, the Silent Generation? What are you —

CLAY: I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Me and Calvin Coolidge. I’m the last year of Gen X. So ’79 we were the last year, 1980 I believe when Millennials officially began. My sister’s a Millennial. I’m Gen X. That’s why I’m so much cooler than she is. Most of you — and Buck.

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